Monday, January 18, 2016

GO! Progress

Or: Just Tumbling Along

Making progress on the table runner. The top is sewn together, layered, basted . . . 

though I still need to close up all those pins.  I'm thinking just some simple straight line quilting on this one. 

So lo-o-o-ong! Off into the shadows we go.

Putting all those squares together was a good reason to pull out my Leaders and Enders project. I have a bad habit of working on it for a while and then stuffing it in the closet and forgetting about it. Oops! But, hey, working on it while I put together all those circle blocks meant I made some good progress.  

Once I started putting some of the tumblers up on the design board, I could see the quilt top was going to be way too dark and boring. I needed to cut more tumblers out anyway, so I'm hoping adding some brighteners will give it a little spark.

Meanwhile, I've got another GO! project in the wings. This is one I just need to get up my get up and go to start!  I think this is the first time in all my years of quilting that I bought fat quarters for an entire line.  (Greetings, Black Friday sale!) Mon Ami -- isn't it fun?

And now, it's back to prepping -- classes start tomorrow. The (break) party's over.


  1. You've used beautiful fabrics for your circles. Great progress!

  2. You've been playing with some fun fabrics. Your tower of new fat quarters is a tower of yumminess. Too bad the break is over.