Saturday, January 2, 2016

GO! In Circles

So I've got another GO! project in process. This time using the Rag Circle die. Here's the start:

Using denim and French General.

Here it is from the back:

This is easy enough to do but I suspect as I keep adding rows to this, the weight is going to get more burdensome. It remains to be seen how I (and my back) do.

And I still had more zipper bags to do! This next one used a GO! bird.

And one last bag for He Who Loves Batman.

But for the rest of this week? It's all about raggedy denim circles. Wish me luck -- I'm going in!


  1. I'm interested in seeing how your denim rag quilt turns out! Is there any batting in there? The little bird bag is very cute.

    1. There's a little square of batting you put in before layering on the fabric square (the French General in my case) and folding over the fringes and sewing them down.

  2. If I ever did a rag quilt, the Go would be the only way to go! Hope it doesn't get too heavy. Your quilt is looking great. Have fun!

    1. Oh, yeah. I'd never rag a quilt with scissors. Sounds way too painful! For me, the GO! is such a better choice!