Thursday, July 7, 2016

About That Sewing Room

Oh, remember when I was so happy about the redo on the sewing room? Such a sad tale it is. The room looked great -- but smelled BAD. Nasty and chemical and potent enough the room was unusable. And it continued to smell bad, as we continued to try and air it out.  For months. We were convinced it was the new flooring. We eventually pulled out the flooring and . . . wait . . .  what? . . .  the room still smells?! Which left the only new element in the room as the paint. And after some research which suggested paint can go bad and, no, you can't just paint over it, my sewing room now looks like this:

Yup. We're removing the dry wall. (That's the royal "we" -- my own true love gets to tackle this one.)

This is what that corner looked like back when I was setting up the room after the redo:

Such a sad story.

But speaking of my own true love, he knows my being without a sewing room for the last five months has been wearing on me. He ever so generously offered to sacrifice out his game area (big board games) to allow me a place to set up while we continue to try and rescue the sewing room. So we did yet another shuffle on the sewing piles scattered around the downstairs and I now have this:

Yes! A working sewing space again!  Bring it on!

I finished the signature quilt for a friend.

(Those are hubby's gnarly feet down there!)

The GO! dies really came in handy on this one. I used the signature die for the signature patches, the 3" finished half-square triangle die to square the signatures, and the 2" strip die for the framing.

And I'm back to working on the GO! Rag Circle denim quilt.

So, that's where I'm at for the moment. I'd love to get back to my GO! Sew Challenge, but there are some other holdups still in the way.  Meanwhile, I may not be on my personal challenge time, but the GO! is back to getting a workout.

Yeah for sewing rooms! Thanks, honey! (So very many reasons to love that big-hearted guy.)

I'm also getting some crochet in for our son's upcoming wedding: washcloths for the showers and wipe cloths for chalk boards.  Aren't those colors bright and happy?

One of the things that pleases me is that, apparently, I have no ambition when it comes to crochet. With quilting I was all about learning new techniques and playing around to see how I could tweak them (which is how I came up with the variation on Fold and Sew that makes the miniature quilts). But with crochet? Nope. It seems I am perfectly happy to make washcloth after washcloth. I really like having this little side hobby where I feel absolutely no pressure to grow at all.  It's a relief.

Sometimes easy, mindless, and unchallenged is exactly where I want and need to be!


  1. OH, Terrie. You're just down to the studs! So it wasn't the flooring, but the paint? So sorry you've had to completely start over, but I'm glad you've been able to sew. Hopefully, it won't take to long to get it all put back together.

  2. What a disaster! I'm so glad you have your temporary sewing area set up!