Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lucky, lucky me!

Okay, here’s the straight up lucky (see below for the part where I’m being sarcastic):

Two of my doll quilt swaps have recently arrived.  Here’s the S.T.U.D. August 09 I received from Kathy.  The theme was architecture. 

Isn’t it lovely?  I just love those soft batiks.  It makes me think of cabanas in the Caribbean.   Not that I’ve seen said cabanas up close and personal like, but a girl can dream, right?  Such a darling quilt – I just love it!  This goes perfectly in my sewing room! 

And then, right on the heels of my cabanas came this charmer from Henny in Indonesia.

This is coming from the In the Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap.  Isn’t it just stunning?  And the colors go perfectly in my living room.  I have orange walls (believe it or not) and my son made a tile mosaic mirror frame in blue and green.  This little quilt looks fabulous next to it.  As soon as I get it hung, I’ll take a picture to show how they look together.

So, I’m feeling very lucky with these beautiful quilts that come to visit.  I know I’ve said it before but I really do love doing these quilt swaps.  Love the challenge of making a quilt for someone else that I sure hope they will like, and I just love getting these little quilts from others.  They are such treasures!

Some of you may have been noticed it’s been two weeks (!) since I’ve last posted.  How pathetic is that?  All I can say is that I have had my tail end well and truly kicked by beginning of the semester hustle, bustle, and general overload.  I’m regrouping. 

Now we get to the lucky me – NOT!!!  I’ve just discovered that email being sent from my Comcast account is not being delivered.  This has apparently been going on for at least several weeks and possibly quite longer.  I still don’t know whether this is selective misses or a whole scale everything I’ve sent out has not made it where it’s going.  I hadn’t received any undeliverable notices so I was happily presuming my emails were working.  I’m now trying to figure this out and get everything back up and running. (Wish me luck).  Meanwhile, I’m sending out a blanket apology because I just don’t know how many messages (like personal replies to comments) haven’t made it.  I’m presuming a goodly number.  Ack!  Let me repeat.  Ack!

So – I’m so sorry, and please believe me, I do try and reply to comments made here.  The replies I made using gmail are fine but I have used Comcast for most of my email so all my charming and pithy return comments (okay, they aren’t all that charming and pithy) are presumably floating about in the virtual ether.  Perhaps some day they’ll land.  (I actually had an email from a student show up four months after he sent it.  I understand when an actual paper and envelope letter falls behind a counter or something, but where the heck does a virtual email go and why does it suddenly decide to go somewhere else?  It’s a mystery).

Meanwhile, I’ll have a post ready for tomorrow or the day after that has the September web project. 


  1. Oh I know JUST how you feel - not about the cute quilts, the email stuff!

    My lovely nice independent ISP got bought over my a nasty horrid don't care company. Server migration on the 19th July. Took til 25th of August for me to start receiving current emails and only some of the back log has arrived. So all emails from 7th-25th August must be hanging out with yours.

    My outgoing is a different company so that has been fine. Ugh. (btw, I mean my other email not my hotmail for comments, it's fine! and I got your last reply, I think)

    I hope yours gets sorted out without too many (more) hassles.

    I sent a birthday gift to a friend and it didn't arrive. I'm very sad about it. I put in something handmade, so it's irreplaceable. There must be some postal worker someplace eating the biccies I sent! Humpf.

    Onwards and upwards.


  2. Just popped in and looked at your blog from the bottom of your photo on Flikc. You sure are a lucky girl getting two such cute quilt.

    Good luck with your emails.

  3. lucky you, such lovelies!
    and that is weird. i have thought the same thing..where does an email go when it doesnt show up until months later????