Thursday, August 20, 2009

More or Less

Which is to say, I more or less succeeded with my iPod case.  I don’t see any design awards in my future on this one but I did manage to get one made.

I got most of what I wanted: that I be able to access the display and wheel, that I be able to attach it to a purse or a belt loop, that I be able to wrap the earbud cord around it and have it stay in place. 

Here’s the photo from the  back that shows the cord wrapped.  I think adding a cute little button to the flap might be in order.  I usually avoid Velcro (cause it’s so darn noisy) but I wanted the strength for this so it’s Velcro holding it closed.

As per usual, I figured out a number of things in process – like it would make more sense to satin stitch the top edges separately and then join front and back with the side satin stitching.  I did the side and bottom stitching first and made my life more difficult than absolutely necessary.

If anyone is wondering why I satin stitched front and back together, it’s because in order to get the stiffness I needed, I used Fast2Fuse as the interfacing.  No way that puppy was going to agree to turn inside out.  (I know because I asked ever so politely and was rather emphatically refused).

Anyway.  Whew.  Honestly, I’m not sure whether I’m pleased I got it done or want to whack myself alongside the head for just not going out and buying one!  Though, really, most of the hassle was simply all the avenues I tried that didn’t work.  With all due modesty, I can say I know how to go about it now.

The sewing for this version is actually pretty easy.  I’m not sure  anyone else is nutty enough to want to make one of these but if you do, just leave a comment and I’ll write up a tutorial. 

The only thing I wanted here that I didn’t get is a pocket to tuck the ear buds into to give them a little protection when not in use.  The only thing I don’t much like is that the section just above the display window is a little loose.  Not awful but more than I would like.

Meanwhile, any ideas for a little product improvement before I can’t help myself and make another one?  Because, you know, I might need one or two more to color co-ordinate with my book bags – though I worry the fact I even consider that  is enough to indicate I really need to get a life.

Meanwhile, AJ, whatcha think?


  1. Wow Terrie, I think you did a great job!

  2. Very cool -- I like it. I'm not familiar with Fast2Fuse but have you tried using Pellon 987F? It's a fusible fleece that I've started using almost exclusively. you can use 1 or more layers to get the desired thickness you want. On tote bags I use one layer on outside and one on lining. End up with 4 layers for handles and it still stitches through like a dream. Try it out.

  3. I'm impressed! And there is NO WAY you could have bought one in those colours, so I think it's worth the effort. Well, maybe not quite *that* much effort, but you learned lots of things you won't do again and that is always priceless! :D (just remember to make notes on what not to do and save learning it again, ask me how I know!?)

    So you ditched the vinyl then? Probably wise. The commecial ones I looked at were leather - no fraying edges, so I think they cheated.

    If you made the velcro tab much wider, it could have a patch pocket on it for the ear buds?

    Ok, what's next - you got any other weird shaped gadgets in need of a cosy? (me, I need to make a hand held magnifying glass cosy. Think sherlock holmes but smaller.)

    PS word verification just then was 'iddlegoc' - this is the state of making something fiddly, clearly!

  4. looks great, oh I can imagine making a few of these!

  5. You did a great job Terrie, and get A+ for persistence.. It would be a tricky design to do the circle without satin stitching it. You need to have a stiff interfacing to add body.
    An interesting project and you did a great job of making it. Thanks for sharing..
    Regards, Anna

  6. Oh Terrie, I would be interested in a tutorial! I need a case for mine and if you have the kinks worked out I would love to make one like yours!

  7. Thanks, guys! I'll definitely make up a tutorial. I should be able to have it done in a couple days!!

    I like the idea of layering fusible fleece, haven't tried that yet and sounds interesting. I don't think it would work on this project though because things need to be really stiff.

    Sidenote to Mary: my emails to you are bouncing back as undeliverable.

  8. very pretty ipod case!
    what about adding another layer that is just 2/3rds height to the back as a pocket? you can still use your velcro tab, because the pocket should be short enough so as not to be in the way. and also maybe make it a smidge taller to make the top bit more sturdy??
    have you used that peltex stuff? it is super sturdy