Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quilt-a-Fair and a S.T.U.D. Anniversary

I received my S.T.U.D. Sept quilt from Debbie.  “Anniversary” was the theme for the month.  Here it is sitting on my dining room table with a candle that goes just perfectly with it.  Very pretty!  You can’t really see it in the photo but the floral fabric peeking out from under the lace is just so sweet and delicate.

Yesterday my sister and I went to Quilt-a-Fair – a lovely excuse to go spend money on fabric as lots and lots of vendors all cram into one building at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  When I was checking out at one of the booths, a woman standing next to me commented on my purse (the July project on my website).  I mentioned that the pattern was on my website and when I handed her my card (I have cards!), she said, “Oh, I have your book!”  That was just fun.

And, of course, I had to engage in a little self-indulgence.  Like the pretty batik fabrics here:

The pretty fabrics here:

Cotton cording and pretty trim for some of those It’s a Wrap baskets I’ve been meaning to try:

Just doing my bit as a patriotic American trying to keep the quilt industry afloat.  

I had to, by the way, take these photos on my new dining room table.  This is a rite of passage for me.  Believe it or not, here I am a fifty something year old woman and I have never before bought a dining room set.  Really.  It’s always been either a hand me down from a parent or something we inherited after a parent died. (Last year we replaced the inherited couch and rockers and that was pretty darn exciting, I can tell you). 

I hope you won’t think my husband and I too macabre if I tell you we have spent several years referring to our eclectic (this is being very kind) collection of furniture as “dead parent decorating.”  But let’s hear it for clearance sales: last week we bought the dining room set I have lusted over for the last year.

Which explains why the other night Jeff and I were sitting in the living room  and he suddenly looked around with this intense confused expression.  “You know what I don’t see?” he asked. 

“What?”   I sat up straighter, ready to shift into my ever ready default mode of  Something’s wrong: is it a crisis?

“Not a single piece of dead parent furniture.” 

“Ha, ha.”  Umm, I actually think that was pretty funny. 

Anyway, love my dearly beloved.  Love that he was right.  It’s all ours, including our very own dining room set.  One that is actually to our taste.  Wow.  I’ve probably spent way too much time this last week sitting in the living room looking over into the dining room in a state of awe.  It’s just so pretty.  Hell’s bells, sometimes we even eat at it.


  1. Congratulations! My coworker (twice widowed) is always talking about her "dead husband sweater" and the like -- I see nothing wrong with that :)

  2. Love it - the whole thing, story and new table! Now what you need for a nice big table like that... is a jigsaw. You probably don't have the time for such things, but we love jigsaws in my house and they have to be made on a little folding table, only just big enough, due to no dining table. Which makes perfect sense in that we don't have a dining room either!