Friday, October 2, 2009

A Bee Pieceful Block

Here is the block that I made up for a Bee Pieceful block exchange.  The block design is from Judy Martin.

I decided to try using the Fold and Sew paper-piecing method on this block (12" finished), which worked like a dream.  Here’s the foundation, folded and marked.

Here it is with the first two patch sets added and sewn:

And here it is with the second set of the patches above opened up and ironed:

And here it is with all of the patches sewn on the foundation, all ready to fold the sections together and join:

It was just a little trickier working with a larger foundation but it worked out okay: none of the patches fell off or folded over during sewing.  And all the things I love about this technique still held true: all the patches were cut to size so I never had to trim anything after it was sewn, and once I got to the fold and sew stage of things, everything lined up just like it was supposed to. 

There are times when people look at my miniatures and make (ego gratifying) comments about how impressive my piecing skills are.  But the thing is: my skills aren’t all that.  It really is all about the technique – which I continue to love!   Thank you to Anita Grossman Solomon who came up with this technique.  (I just adapted it to miniatures).

Sidenote: This is embarrassing to admit.  I totally forgot that the beginning of the month was coming and that I needed a new project for the website.  Totally forgot.  I will, however, be all over that this weekend!  Stay tuned.

Sidenote the Second: Did you try and reach my site here lately and find yourself unable to access?  Google froze my account there for a little bit as their program thought I might be a spambot.  I wish I had copied their comments on how spambots write a lot of nonsense . . . not taking it personally (said with a grin).  Anyway, I am back and no harm done. 

Unlike, she said, the continuing problems with my Comast email account.  Not even a full week after I went through all that hoopla about my emails not being delivered, all the email in my inbox disappeared.  Poof!  All gone.  I called and the person I talked to said they would try and retrieve them but they never came back.  Which is simply one more reason why I am now a gmail kind of gal.

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  1. Could you tell me where I can get instructions to make this block? I don't know if it's the block or the fabrics you used but I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it. Is this a combination of a block from Judy Martin and then you converted it or what. I just know I love it.

    Beth Qual