Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just a Peek

Here’s a little peek at the S.T.U.D. Oct 09 mini quilt swap.  The theme for this month was “woodland.”  A little hard to tell from just this little bit but I was aiming for the colors to suggest right when leaves are first turning in the Fall: there’s still a bunch of green but the deeper reds have begun.

I’ve been trying out this new foundation with a few different looks.  I’ve been really liking it, I have to say.  Very easy, very fast.  This mini is on its way to Meg and I’ll show the full photo once it gets to her (wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise).

Meanwhile: NaNo continues.  I met today at a local coffee shop (right off campus and feeling very much like a college student hangout for which I am, perhaps, a bit old and should only enter in the presence of younger attendants) with some of my students who are also NaNo-ing it up and we had a grand old time typing away together.

Wordcount: 16,458.  I’m feeling pretty chuffed about that number.  On the other hand, the plot keeps morphing on me.  My original loose idea fell apart about day three and now I don’t have much of a clue.  It’s like someone took random pieces from three different picture puzzles and tossed them all in the same box.  Pieces of this and pieces of that form bits of one picture or another but they just don’t all go together.

I look at the mess and shake my head and just start up another scene.  Time to decide in December whether this is actually worth anything going back to shape into something coherent.  But, for the month of November, WORD COUNT RULES.  It’s always good to know priorities .  .  .  .


  1. Terry, I love doing miniatures. What new foundations are you trying? How are they working for you?

  2. Wow! Congrats on the very very good wordcount. :D

    I can very much relate to the feeling of helplessness as one plot disintegrates and gives way to, well, not another plot! LOL. Have fun cutting more pieces, and good luck sewing them back in.

  3. These are beautiful colours. I'm envious of your talent! xx B.