Sunday, November 8, 2009

Placemat Pattern and Semi-Tutorial

Fiesta asked if I could put together some notes and measurements on the placemat/tablemat.  This isn’t a full tutorial but does give the basics of the pattern.  Here’s a picture of the finished placemat again.  Finished size: 17 1/2" by 13"

You can download a pdf version of these directions from the projects page of my website


  • Kaffe Fasset fabrics: scraps (from teeny 1" squares to 4 1/2" squares)
  • Linen: 14" by 15"
  • Backing fabric: fat quarter
  • Binding: 1/8 yard (I use a single fold 1 1/2" width on my bindings; if you use wider, go to 1/4 yard)
  • Steam-a-Seam 2 Lite (3" by 6")
  • Lightweight interfacing (I use woven): 14" by 15"

Cutting Directions for Cotton Fabric:

  • 128 one-inch squares (I actually cut a whole lot more than that and then just played with the pile to get the color lines I wanted)
  • four 4 1/2" squares
  • two 3 1/2" squares (for the circles)

Cutting Directions for Linen Sashing:

  • Iron interfacing onto linen fabric (I find linen to be very shifty when sewing; the interfacing helps it behave)


  • Cut two 2 1/4" by 14 1/2" rectangles
  • Cut one 1 1/2" by 14 1/2" rectangle
  • Cut two 2" by 13" rectangles
  • Cut four 1 1/2" by 4 1/2" rectangles

The Pieced Squares:

  • These are made using the 13-Square foundation from Miniatures in Minutes.  However, since the finished square measures 4" by 4", you only need an 8 by 8 grid.  Join the foundation pages as usual and then trim the foundation down to size.

  • Though I still marked the red seam allowance lines on the foundation, I did not bother marking letters or creating a fabric guide.  I simply created the fabric layout I wanted and pulled pieces directly from the layout as I sewed the foundation.  (NOTE:  the foundation and directions for the Fold and Sew method of paper piecing are in Miniatures in Minutes). 

The Appliqued Circles:

  • I simply traced the circumference of a drink glass onto the Steam-a-Seam and then fused it onto the background fabric.  If you are measuring your circle, it measures a little under 3" in diameter.  (I used a machine buttonhole stitch to finish off the edges but I did so after the placemat was layered with batting and backing.)

Assembling the Placemat:

  • Determine the layout of your six fabric squares and attach the four 1 1/2" by 4 1/2" rectangles.  Then attach the middle 1 1/2" by 14 1/2" rectangle.

  • Attach the two 2 1/4" by 14 1/2" rectangles to the top and bottom.
  • Add the two 2" by 13" rectangles to the sides.
  • Layer with batting and finish as desired. 

This goes together very easily and unless you’ve done some of the Fold and Sew miniatures already, you won’t believe how quickly and easily those little pieced squares go together. 



  1. Thank you Terri. Off to give it a try

  2. Wow...beautiful! If it was mine, I won't use it as a placemat, hehe...