Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Web Project – Wine Bag

One of the things I love about miniature quilts is how you can use them to fancy up an otherwise simple affair.  This month’s project is a wine bag using the Everlasting Tree foundation from Miniatures in Minutes.

This is another time I had trouble getting good light.  This is really a very bright, happy little bag. 

I had made another wine bag that was displayed in the book.  For that one, I used the Square-in-a-Square foundation.

These are just so pretty and practical.  I’ve made them up as gifts and they go over really well. 

Click here to go the page on my website where you can download a PDF file with directions.


  1. Thanks Terrie, I really like these. I'm trying to get some Christmas presents done early this year, and this would be a nice gift to give a friend, I suppose I could put a bottle of wine in it to. ;)
    I am going to have to try to locate your book. I just don't have enough in my library, and I don't know how to easily do a miniature. I don't have the imagination to figure it out either. Thanks for the pattern!!

  2. Terri, these are wonderful. What a perfect gift.