Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Little of This

And a little of that.  Some  bits and pieces.  I sent off my Bee Obsessed March blocks last week.  The prompt was to make 12" stars in pink, purple, orange, yellow. 

These were fun to make.  Can’t wait to see the blocks all put together.

And then yesterday my sister and I got together for a sew day.  We made up a few of those Snap Happy bags that are so fun.  Here’s the one my sister made:

The one I made:

And one I had made a little earlier:

These are really fun little projects.  I think I can use this technique to make up the pencil bag I’ve been thinking about since the semester began (now that the semester is more than half over).  I might play a bit with a different approach to the casing, however.  This version has raw edges inside that you satin stitch closed.  I don’t mind that so much on the very inside but it goes right up to the top.  Hmmm.  Not in love with that, I’ll admit.  On the other hand, this way is awfully easy. 

I also made up a cute little table runner with those tessellating pinwheels.  As soon as our local quilt shop owner saw what that tool could do, she asked me to teach a class.  I dropped off the table runner yesterday and forgot to take a picture first.  So, it will be either a few weeks before I get that photo up or after sometime I think to take my camera over to the quilt store and take some photos there.

Meanwhile, we’re having a beautiful Easter Sunday morning here in Colorado.  Makes me think of Easter when I was a girl.  My mother always sewed up a new dress for me to wear on Easter Sunday.  (Back when it was cheaper to sew than buy!)  I loved the whole process – picking out the pattern, the fabric, watching Mom sew it up – from the sound of the scissors on the the dining room table as she cut out the  pattern to the hum of the sewing machine.  (It’s no wonder I’m a quilter – I have so many associations reaching back to childhood connecting fabric, scissors, pins, and thread to love and home. )  Then there were the new shoes (shiny patent leather, of course), new white gloves and a pretty Easter hat.  It was all very thrilling and I looked forward for weeks to the day I got to wear all my new glory.  Lovely, lovely memories.


  1. Happy Easter to you!
    The green bag is so pretty. My favorite :)

  2. The snap happy bags are quick to make, I have the bigger bag pattern but haven't got around to that one yet. I love your bright stars.