Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pincushions in Process

Remember I said that I had cut the remainders of my Rouenneries’ charm packs into one inch squares?  First project using those little squares – more pincushions.  (These were the February web project, so you can download a PDF file with directions from the Projects 2010 page of my website.)

Yes, I love this fabric line.  But, while I usually have trouble getting good color on my photos, this fabric line seems to be particularly challenging for me, my camera, and/or Photoshop.  Top photo – colors went too dark.  Bottom photo – colors too faded.  Somewhere there is a Goldilocks figuring out how to do it just right.  Perhaps she could come and take my photos? 

Meanwhile, could you just take my word for how pretty these are?  We’ll see if I can do better once I have them all sewn up!


  1. These are extremely nice! And your wine bag would, for a wine drinker I'm sure, be lots of fun.

    But what happened to that pencil case?!

    I enquire, as you know, from the position of one who is *never* distracted from project completion by many other things along the way ;-P


  2. I will take your word for it because they look good to me as the photos are now.

  3. The blocks are wonderful, and the fabric is so pretty!

  4. Oh, those are darling,darling!

  5. Ooohh.....really very PRETTY!! My colors!
    Maybe if I had those, I could spend my time just to look at them and enjoy, not sewing :)

  6. I know the Roenneries colors and they are beautiful little blocks. I want to make some!

  7. I have this line of fabrics and they are great. Your pin cushions are cute as can be. I want to make some myself.

  8. They are delightful little blocks. great colours too.