Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

Here’s the second of the Pyramid Triangle foundation projects.  It measures 11" by 11". 


The Pyramid Triangle foundation has 8 rows, but for this project I lopped off the bottom row which means the finished foundation measures 7" by 7".  I like how the project is both bright and happy and scrappy.  I’m wondering though, does it need a little bling?  Perhaps adding a few crystals or charms?

Still thinking.  Meanwhile, the patch requirements and quilt layout diagram are posted as a pdf file on the Projects 2010 page of my website

Early in the summer my dearly beloved got a new job in Denver.  He’s been commuting (fortunately, it’s north Denver so the drive is about 50 minutes), but we wonder if we’re going to move.  As Jeff says, he’s willing to put up with a fair amount to be able to stay in Fort Collins.  We do love this town. 

Here’s one reason: a number of years ago voters okayed a tax that would fund the city buying a number of natural areas to keep available for recreation.  We like to have a variety of places to walk Cooper (aka Mr. Demolition) and, fortunately for us, one of the areas, called the Ponds, is less than a ten minute drive away.  Isn’t it lovely?


Cooper loves to go there, too.  (And we love that it helps tucker him out for the evening).  Here’s a happy dog wondering why we keep stopping to take pictures.  Shouldn’t we be moving?


Isn’t he a cutie?  And it’s a good thing, too – or we might feel a little more strongly about the hole in the carpet, the hole in the mat we put over the hole in the carpet, the chewed up library book, the shirt with a shortened arm, the two sets of reading glasses gone phhht, the throw-away throw rug, the two crate pads that are with us no more, not to mention the changes to the landscaping in our back yard.  We love him anyway – sweet as can be and not a mean bone in his body.  Though it’s still true that his evil twin spends an awful lot of time with me at obedience class.  He likes the socializing.  The obedience part?  Not so much.


  1. the Christmas is cute...what a neat use of triangles

  2. The Christmas tree is just gorgeous and Cooper looked a bit tired out...He must have had quite the walk!