Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tote Bag Pattern Up

Remember the tote bag that I was showing off at the end of August?



Well, I finally got the directions for making the tote bag written up.  You can find them on the Projects 2010 page of my website.

I had a very hectic summer and got wa-a-ay behind on my goals for posting projects using the foundations from Miniatures in Minutes.  I’m trying to catch up now.  I’ve got that other Pyramid Triangle foundation project in mind.  There’s a stack of exams on my desk, but perhaps when I’m taking one of those  I-GOTTA-take-a-break-from-grading-NOW moments, I’ll start cutting triangles.

Someone sent me an email recently asking about the projects on the website.  Have I explained this before?  I can’t remember.  It’s like this: quilt books are expensive.  I think they are worth it, of course, but still – pricy.  So, what I wanted was to be sure that anyone buying my book would feel she (he?) really got her (his) money’s worth.  By now, there are not only the 24 projects to sew up that are presented in the book itself, but an additional 19 projects on my website, everything from new quilt designs using foundations from the book (like last post’s entry) to projects such as this tote bag (other ways to display quilts made using the foundations from the book).

My other goal was to have the book remain alive.  I hoped that the book wouldn’t be one somebody bought and then just left on the shelf collecting dust.  I wanted there to be regular reasons to take the book out and give it some more use.

I don’t really know how well I’ve met those goals as far as others go.  I know, on my part, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of coming up with new patterns using the existing foundations and new projects for displaying them.  I hope they can inspire others.

Which means it’s time for me to start grading, so I have time later to get to those triangles!


  1. That's a lovely bag Terrie, and it is great that you are providing projects on your website.

  2. You know what Joe always says, if you don't give out assignments, you won't have to grade papers!