Thursday, January 6, 2011

What a Mess!

Look at that sewing table!  Good Lord, what was I thinking?

I know what I’m thinking now – that’s a heck of a lot of folding and sorting I’ve got ahead of me!  I think this may just set a new standard for messy sewing.  All to make up these little guys:


Pulling out the Civil War reproduction fabrics to make up the Barbara Brackman sampler block just so put me in the mood to play a little more with my reproduction fabrics.  And while I am going to love, I’m sure, the Brackman sampler, I am definitely hungry for more instant gratification.  Just what a mini is made to deliver!

I think I’ll have the top on this done up tomorrow – with instructions (if I can figure out how to create the pdf I’d like). 

Meanwhile, it’s still winterish here.  Not so bad as it was last week though.  I lucked out.  My own true love took last week off work so he got to take Mr. Rambunctious out for walks during the really frigid weather.  But now Jeff’s back to work and I’m back on dog duty.

Cooper, of course, loves this weather.  Can I just say, I love this newest member of the family?  What a sweetie he is.  Look at that darling face.

Of course, most of the time when he’s on the walk, he looks like this, ears flapping cause he’s on the move:

Or showing a great recall since he  knows I’ve got a treat in my pocket.

And only sometimes, like this, so serious and thoughtful.

Of course, he’s still good at getting into trouble, too.  We’re having heart to heart talks about his jumping and the fact that he still thinks the world is just one big chew toy.  That’s small potatoes though.  The important thing is he’s got great, great heart.  We are so lucky to have him with us!

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  1. I always enjoy "The Cooper Tails". But back to your sewing room. What were you thinking? You do have a bit of folding to do.