Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Bits

Success at last with the latest Civil War sampler block.

I think I liked my original fabric combination better, but I didn’t have enough of those pieces for a take two.  This is okay, I think.  I admit, I pulled out the stops to get this to work.  I printed off templates in EQ, used my trimming tool by Judy Martin, and even threw in some paper piecing.  And, by golly, there she is, a very nice 8 1/2".  Yes, Scarlett, tomorrow is another day.

My “Take Flight” themed Mini QT arrived at its new home, so I can show it here now.

I had some reservations about that little kitty.  I just wasn’t happy with the quilt as it was and I knew something needed to go in that space.  The kitty was a little bit of an odd choice but as soon as I auditioned it there, I really loved it.  So, there she is, “Kitty Dreams of Flight.”  I like this one enough I just may have to make up another one for myself. 

And, finally, since I had some leftover two inch squares from the Circle Game quilt, I made up a little zipper bag.

One can never have too many zipper bags.  Isn’t that some sort of cosmic truth?


  1. an I love the little bag too!

    And the kitty!!

  2. Hey, you just bought that zipper yesterday. You are sooooo good!

  3. I love the miniquilt, it's gorgeous.
    The bag too of course and no, we never have too many LOL.

  4. What a great color choice for the zipper! Perfect!

  5. The balloons are the cutiest quilt ever--how I would love a quilt like that with my little cocker standing there.....and---no, there are never enough zipper bags......