Saturday, February 5, 2011

Round and Round

I’ve been waiting for a good day to take a picture of the circle game quilt, but it’s been gray, gray, gray.  Here it is in my sewing room with terrible light and from an odd angle, just so you know . . . .

I’m really loving this quilt.  It looks drab in the picture but the blend of olive greens and teal is actually quite vibrant.  Here’s a close-up.

Today I spent playing with the spider web foundation.  Here’s my first take where I was simply checking to see if the pattern was going to work.

Well.  One, yes, the foundation works.  Two, it looks like something out of a 60’s Hitchcock movie.  Three, no, I wasn’t intentionally going for a Gee’s Bend look with the borders.  That’s just some all natural humility for you.

I wanted to try a completely different effect as well (of course), so here it is with some leftover bits from the Circle Game quilt.

Oh, I really like that.  I’m thinking of that as a start for the mug rug swap that’s coming up.

I also worked on the next Barbara Brackman Civil War block.  Yikes.  A complete and total disaster.  I got close to finishing it – one more seam to go, but it is not going anywhere except into the circular file.  I’ve got puckers.  It’s mis-sized.  Trying to do the fudge factor to deal with making a block built on thirds into an 8 inch finished size was not a pretty picture.  If you could see me now, you’d see that I am bloody, but unbowed – mostly because I’m no longer in the sewing room but up in the living room with a glass of my favorite merlot soothing my shattered nerves. 

But, hey, as is appropriate to the theme, “Tomorrow is another day.”


  1. I like the Gee's Bend block! I think the borders fit right in with the middle!

  2. ooh your circle quilt is gorgeous. Love everything about it! Just my colours ;-)

    I am soooo predictable.