Friday, September 16, 2011

But is it Modern?

The latest swap was the For the Love of Color Modern Swap.  I was lucky and my partner posted a color palette on her blog and while the table runner I made isn’t exact to her palette, it’s got a fair amount of it.  So, here it is sitting outside on the deck.

And here it is on my  dining room table.

I have to say that I just love how this came out.  It would be really painful to have mailed it away except that, honestly, those purples really don’t go with my orange walls.  Still.  This one just made me really happy.  The spider block is one of my favorites and using Fold and Sew, it is just so easy to get those rounds to match up! 

I just might make up another one and do up a pattern.  Surely I can find colors that would work with my dining room. 

Meanwhile,  I also received my modern swap quilt.  This came to me from dduncan713 (over on Flickr).  The colors on this are absolutely incredible.  They are so vibrant, they glow!  It’s a little hard to see from the photo, but it is hand quilted as well.  (I always admire the effort it takes to do that!)

And how about a house pillow to go along?

So, here’s my package!  Thank you, Deirdre.  The package is awesome!


  1. Love your runner! Your swap package is incredible too!

  2. both swaps are great. You did a beautiful job on your runner!

  3. You always do such a wonderful quilt for your exchanges. Your table runner is sweet. And the one you received is so free spirited. Love them both.

  4. I love it! Thank you so much for my table runner, and bike basket and mug rug :)

  5. Oh my gosh. I LOVE that table runner. It's gorgeous. I have a feeling the person it went to has already posted and loves it so my offer to take it off your hands isn't going to go very far now. LOL You made a beautiful table runner. I love the way that block was put together.