Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go! Rainbows

Miniatures in Minutes Revisited

There was a convergence of event here.  One, I’m doing a lecture and workshop in Santa Barbara in October – and whenever I’ve got a workshop ahead, I like to come up with a few new ideas using that foundation.  Two, the challenge for S.T.U.D. (Swap Till You Drop) this last time was using a single shape in rainbow colors. 

When I’m making up a mini, there are times I cut out exactly the number of patches that I need.  Other times I just cut out a bunch and see what I come up with.  That’s what I did this time and the AccuQuilt Go! is perfect for that.  I use the 1 inch strip die.  First I cut fabric squares at about 5 1/4" to 5 1/2" and lay them on the die.

They cut up into such nice clean strips!

I just peel away the little side strips that are no good and then lay the 1" strips crosswise across the die.

After that is run through the die, I’ll have a whole bunch of little one inch squares.  I’ve only shown one set in the photo but I can actually fit four sets of squares on the die.  Given that each 5" square yields 25 patches and I can layer those squares four to six deep – that means I can cut 400 to 600 little squares in just two passes through the die cutter.  Yeow!

I played with the patches and didn’t use a couple of the yellows shown above.  Before I head out to Santa Barbara I’ll make up a Quilt Layout Diagram for this pattern, but I just laid them out and sewed them as is. 

I’ve got a bunch more of those patches cut out, so there is time to play.  Plus, I mailed this one out for the swap.  I’ll be making another one for myself as well. 

I’ll have pictures soon of the pretty little quilt I received today, too.  I just have to wait till tomorrow when I’ve got better light.

Meanwhile, wishing everyone lots of rainbows (and no more rain than you want).


  1. Thats lovely!very jolly and summer-like. I would love to make one. I was just looking at my "quilts to make" list...too long already :-D

  2. I love the fact that you are so efficient with the AccuQuilt Go. The mini you sent off was extremely cute. Rainbows to you too.

  3. What a fantastic use of the AccuQuilt Go! I keep hearing about it but this has been the most amazing thing about it yet.

  4. Thanks for sharing so much nice tutorials! I like the mini quilts. Brazilian kisses...

  5. So pretty! You know I love this, right?


  6. WOW! I love that quilt. I have printed off a picture for inspiration. Thank you for sharing.