Friday, January 6, 2012

Tally Ho!

I did it.  I finally put together an Etsy shop – Daisy Fair.  I have NO idea how that is going to go, so it’s a bit of an adventure.  (I live a quiet life.  It qualifies as an adventure for me). 

What’s in it?  Well, for starters, some of those Kindle Sleeve covers I got addicted to making over break (still there on that).

Then I made up some more linen bookmarks – vintage  lace and vintage buttons:

Also in hot red:

Some with pictures:

A little about the shop name –

One of my absolute favorite books is Gate of Angels by Penelope Fitzgerald.  LOVE this book.  A little bit of perfection.  In it, our lovely young heroine, Daisy Saunders, meets our loveable young hero, Fred Fairly.  Daisy Fair.  Also, the name conjures up hints of a Renaissance fair – I see potters and wood carvers; I hear wooden flutes; I’m pretty sure there are jugglers.  And fire eaters.  In my  imagination, I’m almost certainly twenty years younger and twenty pounds lighter.  So, there it is. 

Because we all can use a little magic in the air.


  1. You never know how things will go unless you try. You're a great inspiration.

  2. Wishing you much luck! You have some fun items.