Monday, May 15, 2017

Plugging Along

So, this past week it's all been about finishing up the semester: grade, grade, grade, break, grade, grade, grade.

There's a limit to how long I can grade at a time, so I've been pulling out little projects to work on. I cut out the patches for this pincushion years ago. Something that doesn't require mental concentration is exactly what I need during a grading break, so a project where all the thinking has already been done is perfect. All I needed to do here is sew the patches together.

I'm hoping to fill a basket with red and white pincushions. Here's my start:

There's just something about red and white . . . .

But then, once I finished the pincushion, I needed another little something, so I pulled out homespun patches I had also cut out years ago. First, I laid out the patches.

And then started sewing them onto a Fold and Sew foundation. (I call this my long tumbler to set it apart from the tumbler foundation that is in Miniatures in Minutes.)

Perhaps I'll finish that up later this week? I love the warmth of homespun. And it sure feels good to get some of those little projects hanging out in the drawers done!


  1. A basket of red and white pincushions would be awesome. Can't wait to see more! You've got all summer now.

  2. Such pretty little pincushions! Hurrah for summer!

    1. Hurrah for summer, indeed! (Not that it's acting much like summer . . . . )