Monday, August 10, 2009

Well, that was humbling!

I was really thrilled when I was asked to join an on-line block swap.  The first set of fabrics included Halloween prints.  Here’s the block I made today:


It’s a 12" finished block and, for me, anymore, that is huge!  I’m so used to working in miniature.  Cutting a fabric patch 4 1/2"?   That’s more than half the size of my finished foundations. 

And, then, she adds sheepishly, I actually had to match things myself.  No easy Fold and Sew method taking care of that for me.  Definitely humbling!

I had a few design challenges mid-process.  I had started cutting out fabrics for the block but then wound up just a smidgen short on a fabric I needed for my original design.  I made some adjustments and I think I actually like what I finished with better than my original idea so that turned out okay.

Now, I’m wondering about those big orange stripeys. Are they too bulky, too dominating?  I could possibly applique something there – like a bat.  Bats are good.

In any case, I love these fabrics.  I’m a sucker for Halloween quilts and fabrics anyway. 

I can’t wait to see what next month’s fabric will be.  In any case, this is certainly good for me.  (Though I was very, ve-e-r-r-r-y slow making this block.  I’ve made entire foundations in less time!  Just a wee bit out of practice at this, I’d say!)


  1. Hhhmmm, I like the block as it is. There's a lot going on there. I don't know that I'd add anything more...There are 5 different fabrics now -- 2 different dots, stripes and candy corn. Bats might be too much.

  2. Nope, don't add anything to it!!!
    A bat or anything else would throw the blk off I think. I like the orange stripey fabric, it's halloween!!
    And I am a sucker for this fabric too, and everyone likes to make sure I see where it is when we go into a quilt shop!!
    I found your blog because of reading Judy L's this morning.
    I am a new blogger too - it's fun to read what others are up to isn't it!! Good luck on your book. Minatures are something I am thinking of trying........scary thought!!! lol!!!

  3. Hi Terrie
    Thanks for commenting on my blog:-) I love the Halloween block just as it is - that's a perfect fussy cut centre and the stripes do a great job directing the eye to it!

  4. It's great Terrie! I like that orange stripey fabric- there's not too much of it at all!

  5. I love halloween fabric too. Your block turned out really cute!