Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hugs and Kisses and a Patch Set Giveaway

Okay, the name doesn’t sound remotely 19th century to me but, still, when I look at this one, I see X’s and O’s.

This is the August project that is available for download on my website. Once again, I took the Square-in-a-Square foundation and used it as the basis for piecing a very different looking pattern. I really like how adaptable the Square-in-a-Square foundation is. You can find pictures of other quilts where I adapted this foundation by changing the number of triangles here and here.

This time, instead of adding four triangles to a center on-point square,

2 corner square

I added only two:

2 corner X

I also trimmed the foundation down from a 5 by 5 grid

2 corner full foundation

To a 4 by 4 grid:

2 corner block a

The “Hugs and Kisses” quilt uses four of these grids – though, when I did mine, I actually joined the foundation pages so that I had an 8 by 8 grid. Here’s what it looked like with all the center patches added:

It was a little bit of a challenge to manipulate this larger single foundation under the machine bed so I wouldn’t really recommend it for someone doing a first try at Fold and Sew. Instead, I’d suggest piecing four 4 by 4 grids and then joining them using traditional sewing techniques.

Once again, I used EQ’s add-on quilt motif library to come up with the border quilt design. I love how easily I can print motifs the exact size I need!

I really like how this came out using a variety of reproduction and Jo Morton prints but most likely I won’t be able to resist making it up in some brighter contemporary fabrics as well. In addition to that, when I look at how the various lines weave around the quilt, I think there’s also some fun potential for color play. What I show below isn’t actually a color version I would use: I was just trying to identify the lines of color. Could be interesting.

2 corner weave 1

The Giveway: As I mentioned in an earlier post, I cut out two sets of patches for this project. It doesn’t take that much more time to cut a spare set and with a scrap quilt like this, cutting two sets makes it seem more worthwhile to have pulled out all those fabrics!

If anyone is interested in the patches (all trimmed to size and ready to piece), just drop a comment onto this blog entry letting me know. If there’s more than one person interested, I’ll do a random drawing. These patches were specifically trimmed to work with the foundation from Miniatures in Minutes, so the patches will most likely only be of use if you have the book. I’ll hold the drawing this coming Friday.

Jeff and I have our 31rst anniversary tomorrow. And, seriously, where does the time go? We’re doing a low key celebration, heading off to the Denver Botanical Gardens. If I wind up with any good pictures (a pretty big “if” there), I’ll be sure and post.

Meanwhile, good cheer to all.


  1. Terrie, I would love to have the extra set of patches. I love the look and the colors are very lovely.

  2. I don't have the book but could borrow it from the library. I've seen it before. I love the look of your mini.

  3. So pretty, I love your finished quilt!

  4. I have the book too!! And would love to throw my hat into the ring. Thank you for your generosity

  5. Would love to have the extra patches. The quilt is so pretty. Don't have the book yet, but plan on getting it when I go to quilt shop on the 18th. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Terrie,
    Have a fabulous wedding anniversary- Enjoy the botanical gardens and a fun time with your husband.
    My husband and I are a couple of years behind you- We are married 29 years in December- Not sure where the time has gone - but we are still having fun together- hope you are too.
    I think your patches are pretty but I don't have the book - I am sure that one of the other commenters are going to enjoy using the pieces you so carefully cut.

  7. Happy Anniversary!! I would like the patches you cut - your quilt is awesome.

  8. Happy anniversary Terrie! Wow, 31 years! Have a great time. I have been planning on picking up your book, so if I win your patch set, I will have to do that right away! I would love to make a quilt from your plaid patches :-)

  9. congrats on 31 years!
    thats an accomplishment!
    of course would love to use your patches in a quilt!
    Love the one you made and the inner border fabric perfect choice!

  10. Happy Anniversary at day ahead of time. Love that little quilt...it turned out very pretty for you. Please DO NOT put my name in the drawing...I have too much to finish now... :)

  11. Oh, I can't resist entering, even though I am as novice as they come. I would love to read your tips and tricks from your book, too.

    I love botanical gardens. :) What a happy place to celebrate. Congrats on 31 years!

  12. Congrats on your 31st wedding anniversary Terrie! Miles behind you in this house, 26 years till we catch up!

  13. Hi Terrie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a great blog you have, can't wait to see and learn more from you.

  14. Am I too late???? I just got your book in the mail today from Amazon - love it! Can't wait to try your methods. Saw August's project on the DQS7 flickr group. I'd love to win the patches!