Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where’d the Mojo go?

See, this is what happens when my husband takes a week off.  I wind up in a slough of not getting anything done! 

Thanks to all for the best anniversary wishes.  We had a lovely low-key kind of day.  We strolled around the Denver Botanic Gardens, hit up a quilt store on the way home (one reason we’ve been married 31 years: even on our anniversary, Jeff  brings a book along so he can hang out in Starbucks while I browse fabric), and then went out to dinner and ate like we weren’t two people trying to lose weight.  Came home and watched one of our favorite silly happily married couple movies: “Undercover Blues.”  I can’t really recommend this movie because there are a lot of ways in which it really isn’t very good – but, you know, there are some of those movies you love anyway.  We love how Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner bat their eyes at each other all movie long and Stanley Tucci is absolutely hilarious as “Muerte!”

About the Denver Botanic Gardens.  You might remember that I mentioned I’d show some photos if I got any good ones.  Anyone who’s been reading back further in my blog might also remember that I said my mother used to tell me I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached.  This isn’t entirely fair.  After all, I remembered to charge the battery for the camera.  I remembered to put the newly charged battery in the camera.  I remembered to bring the camera with us to Denver.  Really, there was only one little thing I didn’t remember: that was to bring the camera into the gardens with us. 


That said, the gardens were really lovely, and if you are ever in the Denver area, they are definitely worth the visit.

The Hugs and Kisses patch giveaway:  I used the Random Number generator and Mary on Lake Pulaski won the patches.  To everyone else, keep on trying.  I kind of like cutting up double patch sets so I’ll offer more.

Meanwhile, I haven’t actually stepped into my sewing room in days. (That’s his fault).  I did, however, play with designing a mini in EQ today.  This is another one that takes an existing foundation from Miniatures in Minutes and puts a little spin on it.  If I can find my lost mojo, I’ll tootle into the sewing room tomorrow and make this one up, see what it looks like in real life. 

13 square four patch


  1. your miniature quilt is so cute.

  2. Very cute quilt! Love the bright cheery colors.

  3. HI Terrie,
    I love the new wall paper - it would be a beautiful quilt fabric don't you think?
    It sounds like you had a wonderful date with Jeff- it is good to have dates with your husband - always a good time to feel connected again.
    I remember Undercover Blues- I am a big fan of Dennis Quaid - ever since I saw a movie called The Big Easy - Undercover Blues a pretty good flick - fun and fluffy...

    Nice miniature quilt..

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's my first ever quilt swap, and I love it! I'm still working on my partner's & hoping to get it in the mail by next week.
    Your minis are lovely! :)