Monday, January 3, 2011

So Sad But Not All Bad

Yes, there I was, happily tootaling along on the latest 13-Square mini, thinking I was almost done.

Using Kaffe Fasset shot cottons, which I love.  The most wonderful color depth.  And then, a closer look.

Uh oh.  A sad story indeed.  My machine was skipping stitches.  And, of course, since I used Golden Threads paper and quilted through it, I didn’t notice until I had the quilting all done. 

So sad.  So very sad.

First off, all that quilting is going to have to come out.  Secondly, time for the machine to go into the shop.  It is, fortunately, still doing just fine with my basic sewing (it was that free motion through the paper that it decided to balk at), so I can still get straight sewing done until the machine goes to the fix it man and returns home.  Still, I won’t be getting this little quilt finished for a few weeks, I suspect.  The store person told me she thought the guy who works on the machines is busy for the next two weeks at least.

Well.  So much for that plan.  Time for another side track.  Jo of Jo’s Country Junction does the most amazing projects with the AccuQuilt.  Recently she posted one using the Double Wedding Ring die to make up a pincushion.  She has a video that explains it perfectly.  Check it out here

Much as I wish I had every die possible in my little library, I don’t.  And the double wedding ring is one I don’t have.  That’s okay.  I just drew an arc in EQ7 and made a template.  (Ignore that comment on the arc that says cut four.  You actually cut eight.)

Granted my pieces weren’t nearly as exact as Jo’s.  But, hey, this is folk art, right?  Imprecision is part of the charm.  (Of course, I only think this after I’ve been imprecise). 

Still, this is a cutie, isn’t it?  It gave me the opportunity to play with some more of my reproduction fabrics and to use this great bright red vintage button as well.  Great idea.  Thanks, Jo!  (What will she think of next?)


  1. I can tell classes haven't started up again. You are getting so much done.

  2. What a gorgeous pincushion! I love the fabrics that you used.I have so many of them, but always like to make more.