Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bits and Progress

Time for another couple of Civil War Sampler blocks.  It’s the first thing I do on a Saturday morning – check to see what the new block of the week is and read the history.  I never posted last week’s so here it is: Cotton Boll. 

I just love getting to rifle through my reproduction fabrics!  A sampler quilt is just such a perfect use for them.  The two fabrics that form the X go pretty far back.  And then there’s this  one: Birds in the Air.

I received my mug rug(s) from Natalie.  Very modern.  Aren’t they fabulous?


Here’s a close up of the yo-yo’s.

And I’ve been playing some more with the Spider Web block which I just love.  This is a possibility for Doll Quilt Swap.  Just one more block to go.  The individual blocks will finish at 6" square.

I also got some very cute decorated pins from Mamacjt but I’m going to make up a little pincushion for them before I take their picture.  Sometime this week . . .  (when I’m not grading because,  sad to say, both papers and exams came in this week).


  1. Having seen your Spider Web quilt in person, I have to say, it's really one of my faves.

  2. I love that latest Reproduction block...reall nice. I have always loved spider web quilts, so that one looks great...but 6 inches is going to be quite the challenge!

  3. I, too, am working on the Civil War blocks- but it is a challenge for me- i have very little of the fabric. A good excuse to shop!
    love the Birds in the Air block.

  4. Love your controlled spiderweb! So many that I see are completely scrappy...which I was planning to do with strings and selvages, but I think I'll be sure to use a repeat fabric that will frame the stars like yours...nice effect!

  5. Your Civil War blocks are wonderful!! And the modern quilts...something I need to explore!