Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I’ve been working around my mostly down sewing machine, so except for the one just below, these haven’t been quilted yet.  Still, here’s a bit of run down.  This one’s for the doll quilt swap

I love those teals and olive together.

And just about every quilter in the world right now must be wishing they were in New York City.  I know I am!

And I love this gold, black, white, and a bit of blue – even if my own true love said he doesn’t like it because it reminds him of the terrible flooring in our kitchen.

I really like where the quilt is at this point, but about the flooring?  I hate to admit it, but he’s got a point!

A very fun pattern to play with.  I think there may be another one or two of these in my future.  But before then?  I’ve been playing around with the AccuQuilt Go! and mug rugs.  Perhaps I’ll have some to show later this week.’

Meanwhile, like the rest of you, I’m soaking up the pictures on the blogs of all those lucky enough to be seeing that red and white quilt exhibit.  My Lord, those quilts are jaw dropping, aren’t they? 

Also, this entry is a bit of a test: my first attempt to post a blog entry from the Mac.  If you see this, it means I succeeded!  (Congratulations duly appreciated).


  1. Congrats. Your Mac was a success, as well as, your wonderful quilts.

  2. I love the blue and gold one!!!

  3. Wonderful job on the quilts! Congrats on the Mac, too; I've used Macs for years and love them. :)

  4. Love the blue and olive spiderlicious!