Friday, March 18, 2011

Feed the Geek

Or, How I Spent My Spring Break

Situation the First, on the Friday before break my sewing machine started skipping stitches, so all the sewing plans I had  in mind for the week?  Pffft!  All gone.

Situation the Second, earlier in the week my own true love said, “Do you want to go out Friday afternoon and buy a Mac?”

Do I love that man or what?  Though it’s his own fault if he invited the competition into the house.  I mean, look at her.

Isn’t she pretty?  Isn’t she a dream?  Look at that sleek aluminum body, those luscious curves, that fine black detailing.  Good Golly, even her keys light up and say, “Touch me, please.  You know you want to.”  (Though thankfully not in the seriously creepy high-strung voiceover that I somehow managed to turn on for a while and that Jeffrey, winning even more points, figured out how to turn off).

And though I teach literature (and love literature), I do have a pretty serious inner geek.  One who actually likes to read user manuals.  I mean, I like it so much I actually printed off and bound the user manuals for two of the software packages I downloaded nifty-spifty.  So I could read them.  Which I have been.  Really.

So that is how I spent my Spring Break. 

Still, not all is lost in my quilt blog world.  Though the sewing machine is still out of commission,  I do have a tutorial coming up.  Before my machine went flat, I made a table mat for my nightstand using more of the Pellon Grid interfacing.  I just need to type up the directions.  I haven’t gotten everything figured out on the Mac yet, so I have to use the old laptop to do this (which is, you know, so last week).  Later today or tomorrow, I think.

Also before my eager to please Bernina was supplanted by her evil twin, the stitch skipping Bernina, I finished the top to another little Spider Web quilt.  This is the one, I think, I’m going to send for Doll Quilt Swap.  Terrible color on this photo.  Would you believe me if I told you this is really a very pretty little quilt?

And now?  I have to go and grade papers.  Trying my best to ignore the beckoning call of the wild Mac.



  1. Ooooh, lucky you. I just got an iPad and now I'm starting to seriously think about going completely over to the dark side....

  2. Terrie, you make me laugh!! Glad you came over to the "right" side! We are a Apple home, too!

  3. Your wonderful Mac looks really spiffy on my 3 year old marvelous Mac. Hint to the wise... if you are unplugged, use it enough so the battery is down to 5% or so. It helps maintain battery life. Have they extended the battery life? Mine only last 4 hours or so. Not great but fine for what I do. Now, if I could just get brave enough to run a simulator on it and put windows on it and EQ... but, I'm a chicken. I'm sorry to say I come from a mixed marriage -- dh is windows all the way. I'm hetero -- mostly mac a little windows thrown in for EQ. LOL