Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go! Mug Rugs

Just for fun, I thought I’d play around with using the Go! for mug rugs.  I’ve got a bunch of ideas still to play with, but here are the ones that are in process.

I knew I needed the get the little dog for applique (I nearly said “I knew I needed to have the dog die” but realized as soon as I wrote it that  sounds more than a little macabre).  This one pays homage to the first dogs Jeff and I shared our home with – Dalmatians.  Gotta love spots.

And then because I couldn’t resist the Dresden plate die, here’s another bit of red and white homage.

I also thought I could use the Dresden plate to make up the cool tutorial that Quilt Dad showed on his blog –  only, of course, I used the Go! to cut the wedges.

And because one of the things I love, love, love about the AccuQuilt is how easy it makes it to get perfect circles, a little circle play.

I think both the red and white Dresden and the circles are going to get a little hand quilting with embroidery thread.  Perhaps the doggie, too. 

I think the circle one is the going to accompany the doll quilt swap to a new home.  I think (hope) it is to my swappee’s taste, anyway. 


  1. Love all your mug rugs, especially your dresden plate & the circle one. And yes I would have thought I was in heaven if I had been able to see the Red & White quilt show. Four girlfriends & myself are going to the US for the Paduacah quilt show, a pity that the R & W show was not on about the same time. from Jenny McH (Australia)