Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keepin’ On Movin’ On

I did set myself the goal of still finishing the free motion challenge in 2012.  I’m not sure I’m going to make it but I have been free motioning my heart out.  Today I got through another two months.

I did the layered boxes first.

Yikes!  Let’s see.  I didn’t realize till I got done that I had stacked the three across the top.  So much for looking like an overlapping design.  And I can’t sew a straight line yet.  That said, I liked the swirl pattern for this one and I look forward to using it in a larger work.  I like those boxes, too, though I need a lot more practice at them.

Then I moved on to the jester hats.  This one surprised me.  When I first started drawing it with pen on paper, I didn’t think I was going to like it at all.  I had a really hard time understanding how the pattern flowed.  But I drew and drew and drew, and several pages later, I finally started to get it.

After a lot of that, I finally risked actually sewing some jester hats.

So, my stitch length is still a major issue I need to address, and it’s clear I backed myself into a nasty spot a few times with this one, but ultimately, I really, really love this free motion pattern.  This creates some of the same effect as stippling only I like the way it looks a lot better.  I need more practice at this design to really feel comfortable with it but this is one I really want to master.

So, with the latest two “months,” I discovered two new background fills I really like and a new way of compartmentalizing the free motion (those overlapping boxes) that I want to try again as well. 

Very satisfying.

I sewed up the last of my table runner log cabins  and filled it in with jester hats.  They may be hard to see, but they’re there!

I think tomorrow morning it’s September. 

My how time flies! 

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  1. Great job, Terrie, I've drawn and drawn the jester hat one too. I need to try again.