Monday, December 31, 2012

The Free-Motion Quilt Challenge


January: Leaves

February: Feathers

March: Loops and Stars

April: Tulle Netting Design Transfer

May:  Railroad Tracks

June:  Filler Play

July: Boxes

August: Jester Hats

September: Feather Motif

October: Thread and Design Free Form

November: Spirals

December:  Kaleidoscope Kreator Feathers


What have I learned?

1) That I really love the potential for gorgeous design with free-motion quilting.

2)  I’ve got a lot further to go.

3)  But my stitches are getting more even.  Not there yet but I see improvement.

4)  I prefer really free design to tracing a drawn design.

5)  I think I’m on my way with spirals!  As with everything else, I’ve got a ways to go before I’ve got control, but they are looking a lot better.

6) Ditto for feathers!  I’m not there yet – not by a long shot – but I can see definite improvement.

7) I’ve learned that I can do this.  I can focus and practice and get better!

I’ve learned so much.  I’ve signed up for several Craftsy classes and I’m ready to keep going.  Thanks, SewCalGal – as always, you are an inspiration!


  1. good for you for finishing the challenge! I wish I had kept up to. I have realized the biggest secret behind FMQ is just practice, and the permission to try it. good luck on your quest for even stitches. I haven't attained that goal either.

  2. I LOOOOVE your last star, how did you do that? is that the fabric colored like that or did you color it afterwards?

    1. I used Kaleidoscope Kreator to make the star. You can see a little more on that in my previous blog entry. And thanks, I really love how it came out, too!

  3. Fantastic! You can't learn to do it if you only sit on the side lines. Hey, Terrie.

  4. Beautiful set of samplers! I especially love your take on the Kaleidoscope Kreator challenge. Your piece looks almost like cutwork lace from a distance - fabulous!

  5. Oh Terrie these are wonderful. I love machine quilting, the rhythm of it and of course the finish product.