Sunday, January 31, 2016

Best Laid Plans

I had a plan. A mini Chinese Coins quilt.  I pulled out the reproduction scrap bin --

And then I sorted wee scraps onto the GO! 2" die strip.

And after I ran those thru, I sorted them on the 1" die strip and ran that thru.

And I do not have a picture of all the pretty 1" by 2" scraps because that's when I broke a CFL lightbulb in the sewing room.

So after bits of glass flew everywhere, all my cloth bits came to naught. I still have more clean up to do in the sewing room before I can get back in there and sew.  I'm aiming for philosophic but, really, I hate toxic chemicals and I was so looking forward to some little quilt fun.  Bah humbug.

I woke up to a pretty morning though. A quiet dusting of snow.

The more serious snow isn't supposed to hit till later today and tomorrow.  My own true love, who was more successfully philosophic about the weather forecast than I was about my sewing room, said, "Well, at least I'll have a chance to try out the new snow shovel."  (That's the spirit, love).


  1. Bummer about the glass and probably having to have to try out the new snow shovel

  2. The glass is a mess! It went everywhere.