Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red and Black

I really like to see the foundations from Miniatures in Minutes earn their keep.  This quilt uses a variation on the Square-in-a-Square foundation.

First, I took the five by five grid and trimmed it so that a four by four grid remained.  Then, instead of working with the Square-in-a-Square template given in the book, I created a new one.

To create the template, line up the quarter-inch line on a ruler with one of the seam lines that forms the inner square. 

Draw a  line along the ruler edge.  There’s your template shape.

Tip: when I create my templates, I use heavy duty template plastic since that gives me a stronger edge.  I also write the name on the template and cover it with SelfSeal laminate so that it doesn’t rub off.

As always, I place all of the center patches at once.


Sewing this particular foundation is even easier than the full on Square-in-a-Square directions in the book.  The line up on the triangles makes for a particularly easy foundation sew line.

As you sew the foundation, simply pivot in a square.

Here’s the resulting block.  It finishes at 6" square.

For the red and cream version, I simply sewed four blocks together. 

This is obviously a very easy block (with a lot of great design potential – I’ll have more patterns forthcoming) and one might ask why use the Fold and Sew method to make it.  For me, the answer is the same as always: Fold and Sew is fast, it’s easy, and it’s precise.  Everything lines up perfectly, and I don’t have to work to make that happen.


  1. It's really cute Terrie! Love the teeny bits :)

  2. That is really neat ... I like the ease with which it worked up. I simply have to try to do more with smaller quilts!!!!

  3. I like the look of that method and it looks easy to do. The results are great.

  4. I've got my copy of the book! Sadly I've not had the energy to look at it properly yet AND my machine has gone to sewing machine hospital and will be away til a week on Monday, potentially - boo.

    I really have to learn how to do this. That red and cream quilt is just gorgeous, so simple and so striking.


  5. OH I love this little quilt
    I am going to have to make one.
    going to have to look into getting your book too.
    for sharing this information with us. I LOVE making little quilts and hope to have a whole wall of them someday.

  6. It is a beautiful quilt - I am going to have to make that one.

  7. Terrie,
    I came to your blog because I saw your name on a list and seldom see someone spelling their name the same as I do.
    Your quilts are wonderful!
    Happy quilting and nice to meet another "Terrie".
    Terrie Welch from Missouri

  8. Very clever. I love the red & cream. And Wyatt is a cutie. Tough job he's got, but somebody't gotta do it. Arlo does a similar job for me.