Friday, March 5, 2010

Bee Obsessed

A couple of blocks headed out to Ruth for the Bee Obsessed swap.  The theme was Around Town.  The blocks are from the Town and Country Patchwork collection from EQ6 – the patterns are all by Cori Dersken and Myra Harder.

I showed my dearly beloved the house block and he just looked at me.  That husband look. 

I said, “It’s a guy thing, isn’t it?” 

“You’ve got it,” he said.   “Guy’s don’t carry the cuteness gene.”

So.  There it is. 


  1. Poor guys are so missing out...because your block is sooooo cute!!

  2. Oh how darling....that house block would look just great here at my house with my whacko Dalmatian who loves to stare out the window all the time...only he just wants to bark at everything! Too cute. And I LOVE the tree!