Friday, March 26, 2010

Club EQ Circles

One of the fun community challenges the Electric Quilt Company offers on their website is ClubEQ.  They present a design challenge for the month: you submit a project file.  In return, you receive a copy of every other project file that was submitted to the challenge.  Way cool.  They also post images of all the quilt designs that were submitted.  There’s an archive that goes back years.  Check it out here

I have to admit I’ve been lax about participating lately, but I recently decided it was again time to drop in on those that really appeal to me.  This month’s challenge  sure did!  The challenge was circles.  Since I’ve already been playing with designing quilts with circles lately, this is the perfect opportunity.  Can’t wait to see what everyone else does. 

Here are the two quilt designs in my project.  I really love this first one.  It’s another one I may actually have to make up.  Those orange tones?  Now this would go in my living room!

Circles Quilt 1

And since I was clearly in a clean and modern mood, this next one is more of the same.  Hmmm.  I like the design but not happy with the colors yet.  I can tackle that another day. 

Cirlces Quilt 2

And now?  Hi ho, hi ho – it’s off to grade I go.


  1. grey and yellow. or lime green. the red is too obvious. I know lots about designing, dontchakno ;-)!

    Love circles. Pain to sew, either pieced or appliqué, but the look so good. Somebody is doing a circle project in April... whose blog did I see that on????


  2. Found it!

  3. I like the first one. Have you tried reverse applique for your circles? It might be a little easier than the other methods.