Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot Pads ‘R Us

Well, I mentioned that for our Valentine’s Day present to each other, Jeff and I picked up some serving dishes to go with the new dishes we bought last summer.  These serving dishes, in fact. 

Which seemed as good as excuse as any to make up some hot pads.  So, we have the circle:

And the square:

And the (mostly) rectangle:

(It’s an overcast day so the color on these is not as good as I would like – but then, when is it ever?)

Still . . .   Ta da!

I told Jeff I think we could use some serving spoons to go with the new dishes, but he thinks that’s going just a little too far.  Hmmmm, says I.


  1. I love the dishes and the hotpads, they sure look better than my cork ones, lol.

  2. Nice! Love the quilting standing out against the black. Not your average trivet/hotpad/potholder.

    Lovely dishes too. What you going to bake? Apple crumble??


  3. I just happened upon your blog....I'm enjoying my visit too!
    I like your hot pads and the dishes are a fine investment....I second the motion to get serving spoons....they would be the perfect touch!