Friday, March 12, 2010


It’s Spring Break here, and a friend who also teaches at CSU and I have a tradition of getting together one day over break and whipping out a quilt project (more on that next week).  Our plans for this coming week included me getting this ruler by Fons and Porter:


What do I see?  Yeeoww!  It will cut a Pyramid Triangle that finishes at 1 inch.  Oh, now, hey – that is the size of the triangles for the Pyramid Triangle foundation in Miniatures in Minutes.  Which will make this quilt:


Or this one:


Or a good half-dozen more. 

How have I gone this long and not known about this ruler?  It’s perfect!

And since lately I’ve been playing with using only parts of the 13-Square foundation in order to make smaller projects, I looked at the ruler and thought about how I could 1) use it to cut pieces for the Pyramid Triangle miniature quilt foundation and 2) use it to cut other patches I could use in combination with the foundation.

So, right now there are a bunch of little triangles sitting on my cutting table.  I’ve got plans.  We’ll see how far I get tomorrow. 

Spring Break: that reminds me.  A year ago I was driving to La Veta to film an episode for The Quilt Show.  How exciting that was!   

I did mention I was there for Hippie Day, yes?  And how everyone pulled out the stops?  I had met Alex Andersen’s husband, John, the day before and the day of filming I didn’t recognize him at first when he walked in wearing bell bottoms, a very colorful shirt and vest, and a wig with long black hair that reached half-way to his waist.  He looked at me and shook his head.  “I think I scared a child on my way over here,” he said. 

What a wonderful group of people!  They couldn’t have been nicer, or funnier.

I’ve been talking about my slow weight loss, too.  So, here it is, one of the things that makes me happy looking back is that I now weight 30 pounds less than when the episode was filmed.  Is that in the realm of TMI?  I hope not. 

Meanwhile, stay tuned.  Play with the Pyramid Ruler ahead!


  1. I bought one of those to try and make small hexagons. With striped fabric. Hasn't happened yet! But if you join 3 triangle of one colour and 3 of another and so on, then join that strip to another strip, you get hexagons. Am I stating the obvious?

    Congrats on the weight loss. I'd like to lose half a stone by summer. Probably not going to happen, but I'd like to! (it's not a large amount, I know, but relative to clothes fitting well, it's enough to cause a problem!)


  2. I have a similar ruler that I had grand plans for but I haven't even used it yet. One day I will. Your wee quilts look wonderful. Congratulations on the new healthier you, what an achievement.

  3. I have been wanting this ruler for a while. But I'm hoping my hubby hears me comments and gets it for me on Mothers' Day.

    Thanks for sharing. We all are going through something or other and it's good to hear about success.

  4. Wow - thirty pounds!! That is fabulous! Congratulations!

  5. oh yes using rulers for fun shapes is something I have been playing with too! I love pyramid quilts
    Congrats on the weight loss!