Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pyramid Process

Well, the Spring Break project is in process.  This one is meant to be a stashbuster.  Both Vickie and I collected Asian fabrics, mostly several years ago.  And since then, they’ve just been sitting around.  Time to play.  To begin, we cut lots of triangles. 

Such beautiful fabrics.  Getting them out and playing with them reminded us of why we collected them in the first place.  And, of course, once we had a bunch of them up on the design wall, we decided – what else? – we needed more.  Off to the quilt store.  A little red.  A little turquoise.  A couple more brighteners.

We also cut up some smaller triangles and sewed them up into units – just to scatter in amongst the other triangles.

Then, time to sew triangles into pairs.

And pairs into fours.

And fours into eights.


I still have a few sets to sew up.  After that I can start playing with layout on the design wall.

I love getting together with Vickie for sew days.  Lots of talk and lots of fabric.  There’s only one bad part – getting my machine plugged and unplugged.  See that outlet?  I have to get down on my hands and knees and, with no grace whatsoever, maneuver my head and shoulder through that opening so I can reach it. 

And every single time I do this, two thoughts come to mind.  One: I should really get back to yoga.  Two: I should buy an extension cord.

But, do I ever think of extension cords anytime other than when I’m crawling around down here?  (No.)  And, despite reminding myself frequently that I love yoga, have I called the gym to find out when classes are offered?  (No.)  As my mother would have said, some things are just beyond praying for. 


  1. Do you have an extension cord somewhere else in the house that you can steal? Maybe from your husband,lol! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. oh I love the pyramids, on my list someday to make as well...
    ah yes have the same cabinet and well I finally bought an power strip/surge protector made it so much easier!
    I have things on that shelf though so it was pain to have to move all that stuff too when I needed to unplug the machine!

  3. I love the pyramids in the Asian fabrics, they look very colourful.