Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Because “R is for Red”

I’m finally able to show the “R is for Red” swap quilt since Kimmie received it Monday.   I really love how it came out: a red star but also a black cat with a red ball, red scissors, and red horseshoes.  Super cute vintage conversation prints.

The pattern is from Miniatures in Minutes but the coloring is a variation that a student made (you can see Paula’s version in the book).  I’ve always liked how hers came out (better than I liked my own), so it was really fun to make this up.  Of course, since I just mailed it away, I may need to make up another version for myself.

The red piping was my first attempt at piping. It’s not so bad on the front (not so great either) but the back is another matter entirely.  Definitely some operating difficulties there.  Things didn’t cover what they were supposed to cover.  When I tried to address that problem, another problem bloomed.  In a panicked moment  that most likely indicates a lack of moral fiber, I used fusible web as the equivalent of a finger in the dyke.  I can only hope that Kimmie puts this on a wall and never, ever shows anyone the back! 

Still, I love the effect of the piping.  Here’s hoping next time will be a smoother, cleaner job.  I should have another swap quilt to show in a day or two.  It’s an Angel quilt for Doll Quilt Swap 6 and should be arriving at its new home any day now.

I’m hobbling with a much smoother gait today so things are looking good for a little sewing time tomorrow.  All depends on how it feels when the foot goes pedal to the metal.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.


  1. I think the quilt looks fabulous. I am designing a quilt for my 16 year old son and I want it to be a star pattern......I have still not decided what sort though..........

  2. What a cute quilt - love red and black together!

  3. Oooo, very striking! Love the contrast!

  4. Hi Terrie,

    Your red and black quilt came out very nicely. Let me know if you need help with the piping.