Saturday, June 13, 2009

Putting on the Glitz

There seems to be a lot of crossover between the scrapbooking world and the quilting world.  At least, a lot of quilters I know are also really talented scrapbookers. They show up at quilt meetings with beautifully elaborate photo albums that are themselves works of art.  I, alas, am not one of their kind.  No lovely creative albums line the shelves in our house.  In fact, most of the family photos are shoved into boxes which are shoved into a closet. 

In a burst of conscience a couple of summers ago, I actually spent a few weeks sliding photos into album sleeves.  Babies, toddlers, elementary school, Halloween and Christmas.  I’ll admit, a lot of cuteness there.  But then, well, sometime around when the the kids reach twelve and thirteen, the pages go white and blank.  

I’ll get back to it someday.  Maybe even this summer.  Could happen.   Meanwhile, in my world, scrapbooking isn’t going to conserve my memories.  (Though it is possible blogging will provide a level of motivation that those boxes of randomly piled photos do not).  But there is fabric.  And while  fabric may not conserve memory, it does honor it.

So this little quilt (11" by 12 1/2") is a bit of homage to my time at Quilt Market.   I loved seeing Kaffe Fasset talk about his fabrics, so this is my Kaffe Fasset memory quilt.  It may not be clear from the photo that all the dots on the black tumblers  are crystals (because I was just a little bit star-struck). 

And because for a little while at the C&T booth I got to sit next to Barbara Brackman, I think another version done up in Civil War reproduction fabrics would be a nice bit of parallelism.  (Though the Civil War will, I’m sure, remain appropriately bling free).


  1. This is an awesome quilt! Love the prints, the thought that went into it and the great framing. Civil War fabrics would be very cool too.

  2. Shuffling photographs do take a lot of work. You could consider taking digital photos. It is completely different - just add tags so they are easier to find. I like to make slideshows of my digital photos. The quilt is beautiful.

  3. I wish I could see Kaffe give a talk, how lucky. I love the quilt you have made with the kaffe fabrics. What a great ideas to put a bit of bling on it!! It's lovely xo

  4. You are rubbing shoulders with talent. I love this tumbler in brights, it's just great. I'm with you on the photos, a bit slack really.

  5. I am looking for a foundation pieced miniture from Thee and Me pattern of girl has anyone any knowledge of this ?