Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a little EQ love

It was a lovely surprise a few weeks ago when I opened my latest Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine and found this as I was paging through:

Terrie EQ

I knew the ad would be coming, just not when. It is such a thrill for me to be in an EQ ad.  My first version of the software was EQ3 and I’ve been playing ever since.  What a great program!  Among other things, EQ taught me confidence.  It made it so easy to begin designing my own quilts.  I could immediately see what I liked and didn’t in a design.  I learned about color and value and balance in a design. 

The latest version has so many new fun gadgets that are a blast to play with and make designing easier than ever.  In future blog entries I’ll write about how I use  EQ6 in my own quilt designs. (Random Recolor, Serendipity, Automatic Borders – oh, how I love you!) 

But, for today, I thought I would simply show a quilt with a couple variations that I designed.   Click here to go to my website where you can download the EQ6 project file.   Note, the first: the quilt design is copyrighted.  You have my permission to make it up for personal use or to donate to charity endeavors.  Note, the second: I don’t have directions for this written up (apologies to anyone interested).  It is available only as an EQ6 project.

And, no, this one is not a miniature! 

Sandelin Stars 1

And because one of the things I love about EQ software is how easy it makes it to try a quilt with different fabrics and because what’s not to like about pink and brown together, here are two other versions of the same pattern:

Sandelin Stars 2

Sandelin Stars 3

I think this could be really fun done up in some large-scale bright contemporaries but I haven’t gotten to that design point yet.  I have started on the red, white, and blue version, however.  Any chance I could have this done by the 4th?  (N0.)


  1. Congratulations...I love that you are in the ad! I can say = "I read her blog"

  2. Congrats how exciting is that!!!!
    Love the quilt too!
    great quilt too
    I love star quilts!
    Yes I use EQ too!

  3. Great add - I've never tried EQ but it sure sounds interesting. I love the variations on the star quilt. You've got a great start on the red, white and blue one.