Monday, June 1, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

It was so much fun doing the giveaway.  I used the random number generator and Shannon won!  As I write this, my husband is at the post office sending the wristlet off to its new home.  Congratulations, Shannon.

You might ask why I’m not mailing it off myself.  Good question.  The answer has something to do with how a fifty-something-year-old woman really should know better than to try and walk down the stairs in the dark with her arms full.  (Duly noted:  I did save the laptop).  I’ve spent the better part of the last week in a recliner with my legs propped.  Left knee whacked.  Right ankle whacked.  Not even a leg to hop on!  Which is why I don’t have any pretty pictures for this entry – but will have some soon because things are getting better and my knee and ankle are all wrapped up and, by golly, I have had it with the living room recliner and I may have to hobble my way there, but I will be in the sewing room!  Today!! 

Meanwhile, not only is my giveaway headed off to its new owner, I won a giveaway myself.  How sweet is that!  I won this lovely camera strap from Susie’s Country Garden.  Thank you,  Susie! 

And to everyone who visited and commented, I loved reading all of your comments.  Reading all the musings on color,  it really struck me just how important color is in our lives.  I mean, I already knew that, but to see comment after comment talking about it was surprisingly powerful and moving.  Eventually, it began to seem as if I was reading a poem that we had all composed together.  I know that sounds a little precious, and perhaps it’s just the literature teacher in me, but that was how it felt.  Beautiful, really.

For one, it brought home to me the scale of our love affair with color.  And how often it’s not just the color itself that moves us, it’s what the color means. 

It can bring us rich memories of our past:

Andria said...  I love greens. I think that they remind me of my grandma who loved everything green.

Sarah said...  I love blues and greens. They remind me of the ocean that I haven't seen in 7 years.

DiSailsToo said... Lavendar - it reminds me of when I was a little girl and there was a lilac tree growing right outside my bedroom window - I can close my eyes and smell it to this day!

tammi said... Blue is my favorite- the color of the summer sky in Kansas, where I grew up.

Jen B. said... I love green and the trees of a forest growing at a lake shore. Boy do I miss my childhood home. Sigh.

affectioknit said... Purple is my favorite color - I loved the iris my Mom grew when I was little and I had a canopy bed with a lavender bedspread and canopy covered with white daisies...

And then there’s the way color makes us feel:

Beth Walker / Evan Walker said... I'm a big fan of red. Whenever I see it I feel warm and whenever I wear it I feel pretty. Thats all a gal can ask for right?

Bonnita said... i love blue greens, so cool and soothing

Ginny said... Well I just love yellow, it is bright & cheery. Makes me smile when I see it!

A Joyful Chaos said... I would have to go with lavendar, to me it is a soothing relaxing color, that makes me feel peaceful.

Or we love a color because of all the things we love that come in that color:

Annwen said... I am a lover of red. Bright, bold, fiery red. I love the many shades of red. The depth that came come with maroon red and the 'knock your socks off' of a fire engine red! I love the reds in food....luscious strawberries, plump ripe tomatoes, crispy apples. Red makes me think of fire and warmth and also hot and sexy. It makes me think of roses and perfume, fast cars and tomato based pasta. My favourite pair of shoes are red and I have never run as fast as I did when I had a pair of red running shoes (ok, maybe that's just in my imagination but I felt faster!). Yes, I love red.....

Melissa said... I love brown-the color of coffee, chocolate, dead leaves that crunch on the ground...

javede said... At the moment I really like a dark green-blue. It reminds me of a little pond in the shades and dragonflies and frogs.

Mommyof2girlz said... Sunny funny yellow. Reminds me of the beach, lemonade, sunflowers, giggles..

Stacey said... i love orange..
the colors of fall, the trees, pumpkins, halloween...

djajounette said... I love blue.  It's the colour of the sky, of the sea, and most of all the colours of my children's eyes !

Kimara@weefolkart said... I love pink... blushing pink... the pink in a newborn's cheeks... the pink in the center of an unfurling rose... the pink in the sky as the sun sets.

Sometimes it is just the particular moment of a given color:

Caranam said... I love the look of the sea just before a storm - all blues and grays and a strange hint of green.
Bronwyn said... I love the gold leaves that my front tree turns - It's a Golden Ash - and it is beautiful against the blue sky!

britt said... brown. it reminds me of rich chocolate!

ru said...  i love spring green - that bright green with a tinge of yellow speaking of its freshness - but especially in the weird half-light immediately preceding a storm, when that green takes on an extra dimension and depth altogether!!

Or, sometimes, we just love a color because we do:

Happy Cottage Quilter said... Pink, pink, pink. I love pink because, uh, because, well I just love pink :-)

Or because of a particular affinity (this one just made me smile):

MamaG said... I also love the color green. I think it all started with my affinity for frogs when I was younger . . . 
So many wonderful comments on color: loving pink because we have daughters, or green because it evokes new life (and goes with everything), or red because we look darn good in it! 

Thank you, all.  I thought asking you to name a color you love and explain why might be a fun prompt question, but your answers were all so thoughtful and spoken from the heart that it turned out to be a surprisingly wonderful gift for me.   My selections above just don’t do the range of comments justice.  You should really read them all yourself – it will be so worth it. 

And to my new followers – Welcome!  And I promise, more pictures.  Soon. 

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  1. What a great post. And I am sorry about your wracked knee! That's a bummer. It was a very fun giveaway. Lots of creative people out there. Hope you are doing better.