Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christmas Blocks for Kimmie

Here are the blocks I made up for the October Bee Pieceful block swap.  Kimmie asked for traditional blocks in any size to be made up in her fabrics.  Here’s the four I came up with:





I’m actually getting used to working with bigger sized patches again.  My traditional piecing skills are still a bit rusty, but they are, fortunately, starting to come back to me.  Those intersections don’t all meet quite as precisely as I would like, but, all in all, not too bad. 

I still have to decide what fabrics I’m going to send out when it’s my turn (come June) to have blocks made for me.  I’m waiting for that perfect fabric line to come out and snag me sometime between now and then.  Given all the lovely fabrics that just keep coming, I suspect I won’t have all that much trouble!


  1. Until I got to the text I was thinking 'perfectly pieced, as ever'! I could enlarge the pics and look for a wonky seam if you like, but I'd probably need to look HARD ;-)

    There's been so many great new fabric lines out lately. I have trouble not clicking the old 'buy' button. And I don't make quilts! Just bags and stuff.

    Any chance of taking your camera to your LQS so we can see where you shop?


  2. These blocks are delightful and fun! Gosh, there are so many gorgeous fabric lines coming out and they just keep coming out faster than my pocketbook allows. How fun for you to find that perfect one for your turn!

  3. Very nice blocks - and nice fabric too. I'm sure you will find fabric you like - you'll probably have a tough time chosing!

  4. the blocks are adorable with those fabrics. What a fun swap to be in.