Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pink Blocks and a Pretty Placemat

A little alliteration is good for the soul, I think.  So, progress on the pink quilt is slow (midterm grading, I’m sad to say).  Still, here we have a pink strip set:

That became little pink blocks:

That have the first set of rows added:

Very pretty!

And lucky me, I received this absolutely gorgeous placemat from Julie in a placemat swap:

Isn’t it just wonderful?  Beautiful fabrics and a luscious design!  The photo doesn’t show it off as well as I would like, but the quilting is fabulous.  All wonderful free flowing swirls.  She also sent a bunch of goodies along with.  Pretty cards, a gorgeous fabric, and (dear to my heart) chocolate!

I haven’t actually started the placemat for Julie yet, I’m embarrassed to admit.  I have doodled and doodled but none of my ideas were thrilling me.  But then last night I woke  up in the middle of the night with an idea in my head, knew the design I wanted (simple but I hope it will work) and even the quilting style I wanted to use.  So, since it is definitely time for me to be working on this, I’ll have teaser photos to show in the next day or two.


  1. This is going to be a very lovely quilt. Can't wait to see it come together.

  2. The blocks look interesting and thank goodness you had some inspiration strike for the placemat. Even if it was the middle of the night. The package you got was a lovely one.

  3. It's amazing how our brains work even when we are sleeping. The trick is remembering all those great thoughts. Good luck on the placemat.