Saturday, October 3, 2009

EQ6 Halloween Project

I was thrilled a few weeks ago when Penny at Electric Quilt asked me if I’d be willing to design a Halloween project for the October newsletter.  You can download the project file from their website.   I made two versions.  There’s this one:

Halloween tablerunner 2

And then there is this one:

Halloween tablerunner 1

I really felt honored to be asked.  It was only later, once I actually started designing, that it belatedly occurred to me to be intimidated.  My first attempt at drawing a cat was rather disturbing.  The poor thing looked like some hideous cloning experiment gone wrong!  I soldiered on through though. 

I think I’m going to make one up for my new dining room table.  I’ve already thought of some changes and I’m going to replace the center “trick or treat” star with one of the end stars.  Like this:

Halloween tablerunner 3

Or perhaps I’ll shift the positioning of the blocks.  Like this:

Halloween tablerunner 4

Either version, I’m thinking might look pretty with some candles set on the center of the stars.  Or perhaps I’ll make up the version that has the applique set inside the stars.  Haven’t decided yet.  Any ideas?

Anyway, notes to anyone who is making these up:

There is a slight difference in the size of the border triangles between the top/bottom set and the side sets.  Be sure to use the “Size from Quilt” option for templates or paper-piecing. 

NOTE: there are some very cool things in the newsletter, including links to a number of other projects, so you should hop over and check it out.


  1. Terrie I saved the free projects into my EQ6 but I cannot find them in there. Can you help?

  2. Hi Fiesta,
    What do you see, if anything, in your sketchbook? I went over and did a download from the newsletter and everything was in the sketchbook. If you don't see the blocks or quilts in the sketchbook, hop on over to my website (click the Miniatures in Minutes book title) and use the Contact Me page and send me an email. I can try sending you my copy of the project file and see if that works.

  3. I love this Halloween project, looks like it could be a great table runner!! Love the triangles!!!