Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pretty in Pink

My husband doesn’t ask me to make a quilt very often, so when he does – as long as it’s one I think I’m liable to finish in this lifetime – I say yes.  Which is how this latest project came home with me.  Last week we were in a quilt shop when he saw a lap quilt, stopped, and gazed yearningly. 

DB (for Dearly Beloved): I really like that.

Me:  You do?

DB:  Oh, yeah.  I really like the colors.

Me (clearing throat):  But, honey, it’s got pink in it.

DB:  I know.

Me: You don’t like pink.

DB:  I like it in this.  I think it would look good in our living room.

Me (clearing throat) (again): Our living room walls are orange.

DB:  It will blend.  I really like the way the colors go together in this.

Okay, then.  One pink quilt coming up. 

The fabrics really are lovely together, aren’t they?  (There are times a kit makes life so much easier).

One of the things I love about having been married for so long is how my own true love can still surprise me.  A pink quilt.  Who knew?


  1. the fabric looks great. Lookng forward to seeing it.

  2. Oh, it is very nice :) you never know what your husband would like after several years of marriage :)

  3. I love those colors together! Yes, isn't it surprising that after many years of marriage, our spouses continue to surprise us? LOL! I also love the floral background on your blog. Very pretty! :o)

  4. I'm glad you listeb=ned to him. The colour combo looks great.