Saturday, October 3, 2009

S.T.U.D. Anniversary Theme

I’m loving the S.T.U.D. doll quilt swaps.  They keep me on my toes, though for this one I already had a quilt that was perfect for the theme.  I started another version of it but ran out of time and mailed off my original.  I’ll eventually finish up the retake.  Meanwhile, here’s the mini quilt that arrived just today at its new home.


This quilt uses the 13-Square foundation from Miniatures in Minutes and the Quilt Layout Diagram and cutting directions are on the projects page of my website.  The pieced heart section finishes at 6 1/2" square.

Meanwhile, I have been continuing my efforts to get back into shape.  What shape is a matter of debate.  I’m guessing Claudia Schiffer’s shape is out of the question. 

Still, despite aches, pains, and the occasional bursts of agony (some of those hills were a killer), I went for a 13 mile bike ride this morning.  Let me repeat: 13 miles.  And, really, for the most part, my legs hung in there just fine.  While this is hardly likely to raise stirrings of envy in the hearts of your average bicyclist, I have to say I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. 

Here I am in the driveway right after we got back.  I want to blame the fact that I look so short and squat on my husband taking the photo from a funky angle but actually, sad to say, I think this is pretty much truth in advertising.  But, hey, at least I’m smiling (and breathing).


  1. Good for you. You bike like me. Keep it up. Love the mini also. SueB

  2. What a cute picture! Great job, going 13 are doing great.