Monday, July 20, 2009

In Process

Busily at work on the scrappy doll quilt challenge.  Here’s the foundation with the patches sewn on and the rows ready to join.

The foundation with a couple rows sewn together:

Paper off!  Ready for the borders now.

So far I am just loving how this is coming out.  I’m so pleased with my decision to play with this scrap pile.  I had sort of forgotten just how much I like stripes and plaids!

Here’s a picture (not a very good one, I’m afraid) of the first quilt I made using stripes and plaids.  This was the second bed size quilt that I finished.  I hand quilted this one.  I so rarely hand quilt anymore.  I don’t really have the patience but I have to admit, there is still something that strikes me as special about the ones that are.  We slept on a double bed in those days – now that we have a queen, this sort of downgraded to a bed topper.  It’s been well worn for a long time now.  It’s terribly faded but it’s also so soft and comfortable.

Don’t you love it when a quilt gets well used? 

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  1. Yes, I love a well worn quilt's softness and cuddle memories. I do need to make up a new one for the living room however since well worn and faded somehow 'dresses down' the look. I'll relagate this old friend to the den to continue bringing us warmth and coziness.
    I do like how your little quilt is turning out.