Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My July S.T.U.D. arrived!

Isn’t it just wonderful?  Thank you, Ansje!

The July theme was Summer Lovin’.  Look at those bright happy colors and the cool flip flops!  Hard to tell from the photo, but they even have a little bling.  (It may be my Jersey roots showing, but I sure do love it when things glitter.)

She also included these sweet little extras.

A beautiful fabric and two darling note pads.  I love note pads so these are really great for me.

I am not as on top of it as Ansje so my quilt is not quite done.  I still need to attach the label.  It will go out in the mail tomorrow.  Meanwhile, here’s a little teaser photo:

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  1. It's wonderful, Ansje! And I can't wait to see yours, Terrie!