Thursday, July 2, 2009


The directions for the Messenger Bag are (finally) finished and posted on my website.  Go here to find the projects page where you can download the pdf file.


That’s Martha and Albert, by the way.  They’re our garden guardians, and clearly they know the secret to a long and loving relationship.  You can’t really see from the picture but Albert is wearing a beret and Martha carries a daisy.  Tres chic!

I’m hoping the instructions for the bag are clear.  Writing those directions took up a lot more time than I expected!  (Which is why the file got posted today instead of yesterday, oops).  There are a couple of pictures I wish I had taken that I didn’t and a couple of photo angles I wish I had come at differently.  Still, I’m hoping you can follow along.  But, please, do let me know if I have been unclear somewhere.  One of my most favorite phrases in the English language is “I can fix it!”  Sometimes I’m delusional when I’m telling myself this, of course, but all in all it’s been a pretty good philosophy. 

And now?  I’m going to grab a cup of coffee and go sit out on my deck and enjoy a bit of the morning.  We’ve been having some crazy weather here in Colorado this summer.  Here it is July and everything is still green, green, green!  Loving it.

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